I notice a distinct difference in how I show up and contribute when I have enough art and beauty in my life: There is a buzz in the air, bubbly thoughts in my head and a smile on my face. When this is missing, nothing seems to flow properly, the sparkle is gone and my energy level hits rock bottom.

For me, art opens a window into human expression at its most intense, both raw/refined, and at its most non-linear (good contrast to enrich my usual business environment). Sharing your art with the world is one of the most radical ways of showing up authentically. And experiencing this is the best encouragement to reciprocate and to invite others along.

Living authentically then becomes an imaginary conversation between the artist, myself and the world. The art reaches out, I look, listen and feel and then share something back that got touched by this. Not just when it comes to art, I increasingly find this to work pretty well in dialogue with other trusted fellow travellers as well (crayons optional).

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