Last week, I witnessed a friend get some news from an educational institution. His face instantly lit up. He absolutely LOVES that place, and everyone knows it, too. And not just because the news were good.

That is the power of making an emotional connection with your learners. Imagine being so popular that their smile lights up the whole room whenever they are reminded of you.

Does your learning offering do that?

And by the way, would you know if it did? Do you know what your learners love, and what they find cringe-worthy? How often do you hear about this, and what are you willing to do about it?

Here are a few things learners love, that are more broadly applicable (Hint: It’s not the stunning logo or the inventive wordsmithing of the sender email, and it’s not one communication channel over another, it’s the choreography, the full experience).

Think about these:

  • Addressing an actual need (here’s a revolutionary thought…)
  • Reliably brilliant delivery (deliver what you say you deliver, and do it properly. Don’t waste their time. Ever.)
  • Great network and community (think “decades” rather than semesters, and think both business and evening at the pub)
  • Inspiration far beyond the actual topic of the day (yes, fix a need but also open the windows to allow your learners to take in the view)

Plenty of ways to get through to my friend, the majority seemed to land well, and the combination worked absolute magic on his face.

What else are you doing to engage your learners?

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