Some goals are so big and so near-impossible to reach that it is impossible for one lone individual to pull it off. If you want to create some big massive impact out there, the kind that touches lots of people, you are likely going to need to build some alliances. You need more pairs of hands (no matter which tools you are using).


While for the most part the jury is still out how these magnificent stone circles were actually built and why; we are pretty sure it was the work of more than one person. That group of people would have needed quite a bit of alignment, pep talks, brains and brawn. Creativity in overcoming obstacles. Pulling your weight (and that of that massive rock). As the famous quote goes, those extra hands come with a mind and heart attached.

Shared values can greatly help with creating that alignment. Values are what make you YOU, but it can also be a very useful shortcut to creating connections with other people that go deeper than just a shared “to do” list. When I meet someone who has similar values, I feel the person “gets me”, is part of “my tribe” and that puts the relationship on a completely different level.

How did shared values help you form deeper connections? What difference did it make? Share examples!

6 thoughts on “Roping others into your goals (1)

  1. Forming allies to achieve extraordinary things is so true. I find that having someone with you also serves as a motivator when we are having a moment of weakness! Thanks for the post!

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