How do make your plans and goals reality? Commitment to action. Don’t flinch, I’m serious. Commitment is the more practical younger sister of focus. It’s about doing specific things (regularly) and NOT doing a lot of other things. The sustained ongoing attention that will not waver (at least not for long, and not in a way that breaks the commitment or compromises your values).

So, how do you commit? First, you have to take a stand in front of yourself. Look yourself in the eyes as you do it. Then you make plans that make this commitment real, e.g. make space in your calendar for new things that need happening. That is likely going to require managing some trade-offs, and saying no to other things. This is also the time to take it public. Commitment is stronger when it is shared by the people involved, when it is made public and when it involves a ritual of some sort.

What do you do when you commit? How do people around you recognize you are committed? Would they recognize what you are committed to? Enrol them for help!



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