Key driver for many, often meaning different things to different people. And, within their personal definition, everybody wants it. It can come from the outside or from the inside and is very powerful if it combines the two. Success is one of my top values, for me, is about reaching or surpassing a goal. For this to work, there are 5 key components

  1. A goal: What needs to happen? (SMART etc.) and why (don’t ever forget the why, if you don’t have a why in it, you either won’t get there or won’t feel like celebrating. Both is a waste of a lot of good energy. The 3 P (people, planet, profit) are a good place to start, you want all 3 covered if it is a (for-profit) business goal.
  2. A path: How do I get there? Can I break this into steps? Estimate how long steps might take and block time out in your calendar. Create accountabilities with other people for these time blocks to happen. What do I do, what do I need from somebody else? What else needs to happen? Any risks that need managing? Here you can throw the full weight of all time management and productivity hacks you use into the ring (dont’ for get to share them with us!)
  3. A yardstick: Are we there yet? Moving goalposts don’t help anyone. Identify outcomes by a specific date and how you know you got them. Rope others in to have some accountability. Then focus your energy accordingly and check in regularly. Get help as needed. Manage trade-offs and conflicting priorities.
  4. A reflection: How did it go? What did we learn? What worked well and is worth keeping for next time, what needs tweaking? Who needs to be in on this next time (and who might not need to be in…)
  5. A celebration: (oh yes!) Who needs to be invited, recognized and who needs to hear about this? What learning can be shared to make others’ lives easier? Dinner and drinks are not a bad start, even better if you can celebrate in a way that links to your goal and the path directly. (*the picture is a personal example, the story is a longer one for a different medium)

You might find that externally set goals sometimes need tweaking or further information to fully fit with that, and that you will have to break them down differently for yourself to make this motivating. If you can, rope your line manager or the person the goal is coming from into these conversations, also, rope in people you work with (peers, teams and other supporters). These are great ways to build trust, rapport and engagement and to get help as needed.

How do you define success? What are components that are important to you? How do you build them into your thought process and implementation to ensure they get sufficient coverage?

3 thoughts on “Meet “success”

  1. Thanks Christine – a great post! I love the idea and the approach, it’s a brilliant way to explore an abstract concept so that people can relate – and importantly – ‘disambiguates’ so that people can actually have a discussion without talking past each other!

    Thanks again!

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