You are somewhat aware of your most important values. How do they play out in your life? In all likelihood, not all of them are flourishing in equal measure. Which ones are at the forefront? Which ones could do with a bit of TLC? And sometimes there is one that always seems to be on the backfoot unless something major happens.

How fulfilling is your current setup to their flourishing? How do they influence how you planned your week? Keep a list of your key values around when you plan your week, your day, your next big priorities. What sorts of things let your values flourish? Can you get yourself more of these?  For example, if collaboration is a key value, do you get enough of it? Anything you could tweak? Or if you value creativity, and there is not enough of it in your work, what about that artistic project you have been pushing back? Catching up with your little niece? Maybe that’s something to consider on the weekend.

How did your Monday go? Anything on a practical level you could do to allow your values to flourish more throughout the rest of the week? And the weekend?

This is not just about knowing what your key values are. Unless you make some changes in your daily life, they are just nice-sounding words on paper. And that would be a lost opportunity for a big increase in happiness…

Check out the values worksheet here.
go deeper and get the book.
ping me about how coaching might help. 

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