“To everything (turn turn turn) there is a season (turn turn turn)”… Sometimes we plant seeds and then we actually have to wait until they grow, hoping there will be something, preferably as intended or better. While we are mostly OK with that in the natural world except when we complain about strawberries, tomatoes etc, we sometimes think things in our own lives just have to move faster because we really REALLY want them.

Maybe. But also maybe not. Things sometimes just take the time they take. You might do all of your things (this is not meant as an excuse to completely slack off), but then there is other people (depending on how your universe is furnished, there might also be the universe, god or other entities involved) with lots of different agendas. Also, they may well be waiting for something from you, reminder this goes both ways.

So, sometimes you might have to apply a bit of trust too to see what new form things want to take when the dust settles… this can be exciting!



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