Values come in various forms and sizes. That’s not a bad thing. It is worth looking closer though to get to the core of what is ultimately important to you. One of the things I do is let people brainstorm their values using various prompts (separate post for another day). You normally get a pretty long list. People then start clustering them (a personal example here for what I named “wildcard“). And often we find in that process that different values are at very different aggregation levels.

That doesn’t mean one is better than the other, but really exploring what the value is, where it came from, when you first noticed it in your life is a good idea to become more familiar. Part of that is also asking yourself what is behind that. A good example I often get is money. Is Money a value (and I wrote a whole post on it here). The answer is yes, but money is one of the values that typically stands for something else. Freedom, flexibility, family, recognition, love… Go deep and really get to know your value.

And if money represents family, keep going deeper. What does it represent for you? Deepen your understanding. This is how you get to what truly matters to you. And the steps of the process have plenty of pointers to help you be more creative in fulfilling that value.

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