A lot of people find it hard to make decisions. They like options and they want to keep them open. When we make decisions, we introduce duality. A decision cuts into the infinite field of possibilities and segments it out into a yes and a no, a scope definition, a “this is it” and therefore a large space of “this is NOT it”.

And all of a sudden that vast beautiful space of infinite possibilities collapses into one. You might feel a sense of loss. But not making a decision is in itself a decision. Things will keep moving forward, this space of possibilities is ever-shifting as some close and others open. The decision might be made by others, or the chips might fall wherever they fall on that day. If you don’t make a decision, none of this is within your control. If you want to move forward, if you want to reach those goals you truly care about, there are going to be decisions along the way.

(they are not carved in stone by the way…)

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