Ambition can be a very good thing, it is a strong conviction you want to be somewhere else with every fiber of your being, regardless of where you currently are and how far away that target destination might seem. This is often the fuel that makes new things happen. It is what sustains us when the going gets tough.

It also lets others know we are running on a different voltage, that we are up to something. This can inspire and gather support, this can also terrify and repel.

I took this picture in Mumbai over 12 years ago. We will never know the intention behind the sticker, be it humour, social commentary, raw ambition or something different entirely. I would have loved to hear more. And I really really want to know which car he is driving now, 12 years later…

What does Ambition mean for you? If this is strong within you, how can you use this to propel you forward – in all areas of life? How can you use this to make a positive difference beyond yourself?

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