Soulmates. Fellow travellers along the journey. People who understand you without you having to explain everything. We are not meant to be alone. No matter how this might feel on a long dark cold night.

These people are out there. The more you live your truth out loud and follow your path, the bigger your chance of bumping into likeminded people. Some of which might just be the people you were looking for. You don’t need a ton of them. You just want to not be alone.

And now let me tell you: They feel the same. They are trying to do their thing too and they probably often feel as lonely and confused as you might.

So get yourself out there just a tiny little bit more, and when people ping you, respond. You never know what might happen.

Look in your calendar. Pick a time that is free, and schedule something that will bring you in touch with people you might resonate with. Go to a talk. Join a weekend class. Reconnect with that old classmate who is now doing something completely different that sounds so intriguing. Take a first step.

Check out the values worksheet here.
go deeper and get the book.
ping me about how coaching might help. 

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