Do you believe in magic? At least a tiny little bit? If magic is a movie, enchantment is the everyday, snapshot version. Allowing yourself to be touched and transported a little. Opening the shutters of the mind and allowing something beautiful in to truly touch you and take you away on a bit of a journey to the what-if, reminding you that you are a physical, sensual being.

Our days are often so packed, rectangular and navy-blue, thread count and whatnot. Letting things get to you to actually touch you often feels risky. But when it is good, it whets your appetite for that journey momentarily hinted at. You long for these fragments of stories: Half-forgotten memories, the imaginary, the what-if. Taking the plunge to dive behind the waterfall to see what adventures await.

When this stirs in you, don’t swat it away immediately. Treat yourself to a bit of enchantment. T’is the season. Every season is, if you let it. And you get to keep that cheeky half-grin as you adjust your double-cuffs and snap back into your regular day.

What invites enchantment for you? What does it do for you? How can you build more space for this in your life?

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