This value is juicy, springy, bouncy. Slightly unruly and bursting with life. As the days get shorter, this is one very much worth spending time on. When the conditions are right, things (and people) flourish. Sometimes there is a resting period (like winter for the trees outside) but then a new cycle can start. What conditions make you flourish? What surroundings to you need? What fertilizer, nourishment, protection?

If some of this is seasonal, make sure you find ways to adapt to the changing seasons to keep making that happen for you. Maybe you can do daylight walks over lunch if the darkness bothers you. Maybe a warm bath with a lovely scent to unwind. Or finding a group of likeminded people (e.g. other entrepreneurs) where you cheer each other on and help each other.

What are your flourishing tips for the season?

Check out the values worksheet here.
go deeper and get the book.
ping me about how coaching might help. 

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