The beauty of a row of freshly sharpened pencils (do people still do that?). The papers all neatly filed, the bills paid, the socks all in their rightful places. The cables untangled and the devices charged. And all is right with the world. Or is it?

It could also be seen as limiting creativity, formalizing things that don’t need formalizing, adding extra, unnecessary work, focusing on things that don’t always move the bigger goal along. Things you don’t see until they stop working. In more feudalistic setups, order was often things other people did for the ones with time and leisure on their hands to think big thoughts or to indulge, rather than having to actually keep life running in a time where technology was only emerging. Now technology plays a lot of these parts as well.

What role does order play in your life? Is it a key role? Do you completely reject or avoid it? Where there any key events in your life that triggered your default reaction to order?

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