One of those values that sometimes gets overlooked. It is not a flashy, sexy, shouty one. It shows its face over time, and sometimes in comparison. You have to pay close attention to actually see it. Persistence is the will to keep going when everyone else has given up. That one more time of getting back up and trying again. The small gains, one by one, bit by bit. Trying to find a different way when the last one didn’t work out either. You can’t be an entrepreneur or innovator or change maker without persistence.

I am in no way trying to glorify persistence as an end in and of itself, it is what you are using it for, the goals you are looking to achieve with it. I am not advocating running yourself into the ground and disregarding your physical and mental health or your relationships – just to make that clear. Persistence means pushing past the comfort level, to where the pain starts. Where stopping would be so inviting and so easy, and you would probably get away with it too. But you don’t stop. It means doing stuff even when no one is watching or is going to congratulate you. It means doing it because it needs doing or because you have one more round in you – just about.

Sometimes the adrenaline will carry you forward, or the strength of your vision, or the curiosity of figuring out how to make something work. Sometimes you get a free round of “see I told you this was going to work” at the end and if you are lucky, some praise. But often nobody will see how hard you worked to be that overnight success they then get to envy from the comfort of their couches.

No matter how big the payoff might be at the end (and there are no guarantees, often there won’t be any) – on a day-to-day, the later stretches might feel like crawling on your eyebrows when you are no longer able to walk. (crawling on your eyebrows totally counts as moving forward. Beats moaning and doing nothing any day.)

How did persistence help you achieve a big goal or a next level? What were your strategies to keep going when you almost gave up?

Check out the values worksheet here.
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