Sensuality. A tricky one to write about in this rather business-y environment. We often don’t acknowledge we are actually physical beings with physical needs. Not all of them to be fulfilled during working hours, just to make that clear. But that is also no excuse to treat the body as a measly, caffeine-fuelled battery pack for the neocortex.

Sensuality is a vital (as in, alive, all senses buzzing) part of the human experience, and one that most people enjoy and would like a bit more of. We respond to lighting, texture, sound, beauty, taste, touch –  and lack of all of these. And we don’t stop being human when we enter an office building. Often the needs and responses are unconscious.

This is why sensuality is one that can go terribly wrong (and sometimes does), and humans are often not very helpful, honest, open or clear with each other on this. We have such little practice with expressing ourselves appropriately in this space (sweets are often the only permitted gratification, that is a picture of a bacon maple syrup donut. I should not have eaten it. It was glorious).


Making friends with your body is a good step, sometimes this is a reconciliation process in and of itself. Learning to listen, to set boundaries. With self and others.

How do you do this in your day-to-day?

Check out the values worksheet here.
go deeper and get the book.
ping me about how coaching might help. 

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