Nothing wrong with listing wealth as a value. This is an interesting one, I am always excited when that comes up in a coaching conversation. Wealth is very rarely a thing in and of itself. It usually represents something deeper, and what that is is very individual (again, makes for really good substantial conversations about things people actually care about).

For person A, it might be security. Comfort. Space.

For person B, it might be love and connection with other humans

For person C, it might be quality and craftsmanship.

For person D, it might be freedom. Saying no. Doing your own thing in your way.

Ask yourself, what it means for you and your life. What does it give you, what side of you does it allow to flourish. To maximize that, think about all the options you have to make these aspects bigger. Money might be a good start, but there is likely more you can do to add some more “zing”.

What does wealth represent for you? What are ways to get more of this in the next year? (with or without the money)


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