Organizations have values, too. They might be what you see on the poster next to reception, or the reality might be something different altogether. How happy you are in an organization has a lot to do with how well both of your sets of values match up.

The clearer you are about yours, the better you can determine this. What is the mission of the organization? Why does it exist? What does it provide, to whom and why? And how does it go about it?

What values of yours does it touch? There are plenty of ways to dock into this, but you do want a few points that resonate. Otherwise it will be hard to really start feeling at home in your work. Or to start building a culture in your team, your department, your division that really flourishes if you don’t connect with your people.

If you look around and ask around, or as you make experiences changing jobs, you will find this values aspect can vary tremendously even between direct competitors who hire from the same pool of candidates to serve the same clients with the same kind of offering. But it will feel very different, and you might fit into one, but not the other.

For entrepreneurs, this is very crucial too. Often people start their own business as a frustration with what they saw and experienced elsewhere. So, in your new venture, your organizational values in what you are looking to build are an extension of your own. And the more conscious you are about it, the better your can explain it, and the clearer you can be in your decisions to then attract the right sorts of people to partner with, to work for you, to be interested in your products/services.

When your own values and the one of your surroundings match, this is magic. It makes everything feel so much lighter, so much more connected.


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