This is where stuff gets real. It is of course all nice on paper, but at some point, as you start living your values out loud they are going to be tested.

This is where the stuff happens that truly matters, and when you are going to have to take action to preserve what you are looking to create for yourself.

When you get hurt, it will hurt more and deeper as it will matter on a whole different level. This work will lead you to bigger questions and decisions and they might be disruptive in the short-term.

In the long-run (reminder: this is your life, this is the long run) you will be better off in an environment that embraces you for who and how you are and where your values flourish. The deeper you get into this, the more the bar will shift for what good leadership and a helpful organizational culture looks like. For yourself as your own ongoing practice, and for the people you want to surround yourself with.

Your planning horizon becomes more long-term. You will no longer get lukewarm reactions as people will either gravitate towards you, or you will exit each other’s orbits. That is not a bad thing. You both become more humble/compassionate and more fierce/radical at the same time, and in this tension discover strength and radiance second to none.

What have your experiences been with that so far? What helps you on your path?

As you are wrapping up this year and getting ready for the next one, we are going to explore your values and how they can help you make better decisions, lead a happier, more productive and more fulfilled life and have more impact as a leader. We are going to explore this in bite-sized chunks one day at a time.

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