You have the goals and now you would like to see them come to life, because that was the whole point.

Point 1: Put it in your calendar. Take yourself and your plans seriously.

Set a regular time for when these steps need to happen and treat them like any other key appointment with somebody senior you can’t say no to (this is your life, remember…)

You are going to make some change in your life, and you will need to show to yourself you mean it, to develop that trust in the new thing you are looking to do. This helps you steady yourself. This might sound weird but it works.

Point 2: Make yourself accountable.

This means, rope somebody in. Your partner, your boss, your best friend.
A mentor, a community. People who mean well AND are going to say something or do something if you procrastinate forever or don’t change but just complain instead.

(if you don’t have any of these, consider broadening your circle to include that…)

That should help getting things started out there. Now, let’s keep momentum: 

Point 3: Integrity. 

That is a key thing. As you start living your values out loud, you will every now and then run up against a fence post. This is a test, this is how strong your values are, how serious you are about living them. And a good practice ground for key conversations that need having.

Point 4: Bouncing back 

Not everything might go perfectly to plan, things might go wrong, conversations might not be successful. There are times where you are going to get back up, have to dust off your knees and keep going. Some changes take time and some take several attempts to get it right. Document what you learn and let your values and the attractiveness of your goal (you wanted this for a reason, remember?) sustain you during that phase.

Check out the values worksheet here.
go deeper and get the book.
ping me about how coaching might help. 

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