If you want new things to happen, to take hold in your life, you need to say YES. You need to add things in that you didn’t do before. You need to have a bit of space for that, and then you need to commit and keep at it for this to gain traction. Some of this is going to be public, which means other people are going to see you doing that.

This can either be a bit uncomfortable, as we feel “the New Thing” is not quite ready to share yet, and we are not sure if it’s for us, or if we are going to be any good at it (and if this is truly new, chances are we won’t be any good at it at first. That’s normal).

Or we are all aglow with “the New Thing” and go about it with the zeal of a recent convert who absolutely HAS to get everyone else on board as well. Again, that might not be a bad thing, all change needs a good advocate or several. But this can also alienate or confuse people as they might not have been part of your inner journey that got you there.

The second key bit about saying YES is spotting opportunities. Your newfound heightened awareness about what resonates with you should help you spot opportunities. If something comes up, check if that moves you closer to your goal, and what the fulfillment level of your values does. This is of course not an exact science and there are plenty of other factors, but this should grow your opportunity spotting muscles. For example, if you are looking to start a business on the side, key criteria might be “things you can do that are not 9-5” etc…

Change can be hard, and often the path is not clear or we can’t see beyond step 1 or 2. That is OK. Just take the next one. And then the next one. And so on. The more you start shifting things towards “the New Thing”, the more you have space and the more you start doing “the New Thing”, the more the change will emerge.

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