In order for change to take place and for you to have time and resources to take action, you are also going to have to say NO. A lot of NO.

In total, a lot more NO than YES. You need to carve out some space for you, for all the new things you want to emerge in your life. If things are already filled to the brim, the new things won’t have anywhere to go, and you will just end up adding to your stress level.

Focus is the older sister of commitment, the one with the overview to sometimes pry the younger one off her target when she has gone on autopilot. Focus determines where commitment is worth keeping, dissolving – or worth recommitting (and properly this time).

This involves saying no, this involves trade-offs . Think about the commitments you entered. Then, think about the big long-term things you want to reach. Which commitments serve you in reaching this? Which ones don’t? Then start freeing up a bit of space, “no by no”.

Don’t burn any bridges though. This is likely going to require conversations (a topic for another post).

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