I attended a facilitator training recently. As a participant. And no, this wasn’t my first. You are never done. And I’m not just saying this because I do development stuff for a living. Different places have very different styles of doing things. Different professional fields still exist next to each other without a lot of crossover in best practices, and that is such a missed opportunity. And if you are one of these lucky individuals who gets to cross boundaries and play on both sides of a fence, use the chance and embrace the beginner’s mind. Again. And again. Watch how they do things over there, and learn. And then try it on and get yourself some feedback from experts in the field and from your peers. And broaden and deepen your own practice.

Especially when you are facilitating. It’s not a secret. It’s out there where everyone can see it anyway. That is the beauty, that is where and how we resonate, with that real life human. A lot of this is co-creation and everybody learns something, particularly when different professional backgrounds meet. It helps to remind ourselves what these moments actually feel like, viscerally (always easier talking about “learning outside the comfort zone” when it is somebody else’s, right?) I’m not saying it is easy standing there watching everyone writing bullet points in THAT column. But it is so important to seek this feedback out for ourselves as well. The moment might feel like wrestling horses in an icy fountain. But it is art, it is beauty and, judging from those arms, it is one good workout.  The glory kicks in a bit later.




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