How are you? Really, how are you? How are things going? Some areas better than others, yeah, alright, mustn’t grumble and so on, or something along those lines? Sometimes there is one area of life where things just aren’t going right at the moment, and that saps a lot of energy that would be so much more fun to use elsewhere.
Tackling this rather than keep skirting around it is the way forward to really start shifting things. After all, if that was to fix itself it would have done so… You don’t need to know what the best way forward is to start, and you don’t need to have a big plan at the ready. Think about what “better” would look like. Think about one thing you could do differently each day and then go ahead and do it. Accountability goes a long way for this too, making changes with a friendly and supportive group that will not let you get away with letting things slip can be crucial for your success. Especially when you don’t feel quite ready to rope in everyone else around you until the new thing is fully hatched…

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