We talked about perfection in my last post, now that we have hopefully loosened up a bit on that one, let’s look into what “better” looks like.  Let’s face it, if we are breaking new ground, what “good” looks like might not be clear to us, and that makes it very hard to plan for. And then we end up not doing anything. And then nothing moves. What a waste of a good idea, or an innovation inkling.

But, while we might not know what “good” looks like, we normally know what “better than now” looks like. Let’s start with that, and let’s break this down into easy steps. (I use this a lot, both in my own life and business as well as with clients.)

Once you know the thing you would like to address: Where does that sit on a scale of 1-10, 1 being awful and 10 being fabulous? If it is a 6 (for example), what makes it a 6 and not a 4? What are these elements you are already doing to make it a 6? What could you do to bring it up to 7? Just up a notch?

Go and start doing that. More of that.

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