Values (overview here) can both help you go deeper, and getting a better overview. And that is key to make decisions that better resonate with your life. It is also key for having more happiness and fulfillment and for creating an environment where other people flourish, too (key for leaders and entrepreneurs and for good humans in general 😉)

Some thoughts on how to make this practical. 

Tips on how your values feed into your overall vision.

Values can really deepen a conversation (that is a good thing): This is a good way to get to know yourself better and to have better conversations with people you care about (my dare for this week is to bring up these kinds of conversations – let us know how it goes)

And, as this has been a popular conversation, on going deeper I always quote the example of “money” as a value.

Integrity is also a key one to look out for, as things won’t always go to plan and you will want to know where your fence posts are.


This week is International Coaching Week . This is a good time to highlight what coaching is, what sorts of topics it can help with and what sorts of things can happen in a coaching process. I also want to give you practical things you can use immediately to help you on your journey. Enjoy the prompts. And if you would like to continue, get in touch.

Want to go deeper? Check out the values worksheet here.

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