If values are what makes you YOU, decisions are how they come to life in practice. You are striving to reach a goal (several, probably). Is there a connection between your values and the goal you are working towards? It is infinitely powerful when that clicks. You want that to click. That’s where the magic comes in, where your goals and subsequently your life are starting to feel more and more like you.

Values are the most powerful way of sense-checking where you are heading to start taking better decisions. If you choose option A, what does that do to your top 5 values? “Integrity” is one of mine, and is one of the key filters I run decisions through. If Integrity gets affected significantly, that is not a decision I want to be making as I am not likely to be happy actually living with the consequences.

The many roles we play also affect how we go about making decisions: https://liorlocher.me/2018/04/24/our-many-roles-and-how-they-affect-our-decision-making/

And some of our decision-making is preference.

Some people really love making decisions, it cuts through the mess. https://liorlocher.me/2017/11/20/decision-making-and-cutting-through-the-mess/

Other people hate making decisions as they don’t like fencing in the infinite. https://liorlocher.me/2017/11/13/decision-making-and-fencing-in-the-infinite/

Whichever type you are (and that may vary depending on the topic), taking better decisions will be key to moving things along and creating more satisfaction in your life.


This week is International Coaching Week. This is a good time to highlight what coaching is, what sorts of topics it can help with and what sorts of things can happen in a coaching process. I also want to give you practical things you can use immediately to help you on your journey. Enjoy the prompts. And if you would like to continue, get in touch.

Want to go deeper? Check out the values worksheet here.

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