You now have a better idea what your values are, and you are looking to make better decisions based on them – if not, check out the workbook here. And it should not make a difference if this is personal or professional.

At some point, you are going to have to live them out loud. Involve other people, take a stand when crunch-time comes.

Values can be a great way of bringing people together, they can really help rally people around a common cause to achieve something magnificent together. .

They also help to connect better emotionally.

Sometimes, you are going to have conversations to draw the line, and they might not always go well.

Have them anyway. And use them to learn, how these conversations go is likely all the diagnostic you will ever need about an organization or a person.

Build your own support system

And remember to also support others in their journey

This is not a dress-rehearsal, this is your life. Play the long game and look after yourself.


Want to go deeper? Check out the values worksheet here.

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