The goosebumps, the shivers. The pleasure and the discomfort. And often, a bit of both. Uncertainty and curiosity and how you relate to them are key to every decision making process. And, for that matter, to a happy, engaged and fulfilled life.

So, what is the link to decisions: Some things are just too vast to comprehend or hold in your rational mind. Depending on how deep you drill, even something like “soup or salad” can become quite complex indeed.

For the big decisions that matter: Allow the situation to actually touch you. Tune into the context of your decision. Don’t go hiding out immediately in your rational mind, in the cells of an Excel model. In the face of uncertainty and complexity, it can be very tempting to start narrowing things down very quickly to get out of the discomfort. Stay with it. Resist for a while and keep on breathing. See what comes up (the curiosity bit). And then stay with it some more (a minute can feel quite long – it isn’t) and see what else comes up.

When difficult decisions need making, the first thing is rarely the best one. If it was that simple, you would have already worked it out on a soggy cocktail napkin for themselves. Resist trying to jump to conclusions too quickly. Stay with the curiosity. What if? But what about …? I wonder…?

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