When I bring up the topic of values or decisions, often, something interesting happens. “Personal or professional”, I hear some of you say. This distinction seems to matter. For some, it the first thing needing clarification to be able to continue with the conversation. Just to make this clear: That is some strong segmentation going on there. It is not helpful. It cuts you off from what you truly deeply care about, and it ends up in people and organizations playing games with each other that waste a lot of energy that is better applied making a difference and *gasp being happy.

What is the good, the true and the beautiful, the beacon to orient yourself toward – is this really that different depending on your context? And if it is – are you in the right place? I talk about values A LOT with people, and what is noteworthy is, not everybody seems to be making this distinction. I didn’t keep a scientific tally or aim for adequate representation of key industris. But, anecdotally, hardly anybody in nonprofits asked this, and a very high number of people in high-pressure environments (financial services, consulting etc) asked this.

I am curious. Are we so afraid our personal values might not be welcome? Have we seen bad examples? Or do we just not have these conversations, so we will never know? This is such a missed opportunity to truly connect and to get everyone involved. Really involved. What do we observe in the leaders above us? What sort of conversations would we need to have more of? And how can our values drive this?

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