Below are useful tips and practices to make that change you are looking for. As with anything, any change you make will be better than sitting around doing nothing, so pick something and actually do it 🙂
(and if you want to do this live ping me)

 The courage to get started

Celebrate milestones

Increase your wiggle room

Goal getting: Saying YES

Goal getting: Saying NO

Goal-getting: Put things in your calendar

Goal-getting: Helpful conversations

Goal-getting: Surroundings

And a few pep talks for when you need one to keep you going:

Ping me for the live version

Get your free decision clinic

On approval (you’re OK)

On perfection (stop that)

YES you may (what are you waiting for?)

And, of course there are books if you want to go deeper:

Values-based: Career and Life Changes that Make Sense

The DIY Phoenix: How to drag yourself out of the ashes, mend your wings and start flying again. Virtual book reading tour here 

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