Embarking on some change? Considering coaching? Just curious?

Here are some of the resources I created over the last years. Enjoy!

Let me know what you find useful and what else I might want to cover in the future.

Here is some more information on my work as a coach. I support individuals and organizations. 

This is my approach. and  This is what my clients say.

If you want footnotes, click here (resources will be kept up to date as my work and research evolves).

Some background on coaching as a method and the coaching process:

What is coaching and what is it good for?

Some topics we recently worked on as examples

What sort of coach are you looking for? 

“Chemistry” call/meeting overview and article 

Coaching is NOT therapy

Deconstruction of a coaching session here

Some snippets of solution-focused work

Tips for how to make change practical

…anything else that would be useful to cover here? Let me know.

Some elements of change that might get picked up in a coaching conversation:

The courage to get started 

What does “better” look like 

Find what works and do more of it

More questions than answers (that’s normal)

How stuff gets real. On implementation.

Be gentle with your old self

Letting go of stuff that no longer serves you

Some of the things we might look at:

Personal vs. Professional — really?!

Your pain and where to put it (to work!)

Our many roles and how they affect decision making 

Some examples of values and how they play out in life

Coaching is an individual process and will be guided by where you are and where you would like to go. So these are just a few snapshots.

My youtube channel

AND there is a whole book where we explore using values to ground career and life decisions. And another book how to keep yourself going and rebuild when the bigger picture isn’t clear yet. 

Questions? Thoughts? Fancy a chat? Get in touch. 

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