This is probably not the first blog post you read, so you might have a feel for what sorts of topics I write about, what tickles my fancy and what I work with others on.

Decisions, values, intuition, change. Leadership and solution-focus. Self and others.


Here’s why:

This helps with answering two fundamental questions, without losing your mind:

  1. What kind of world do we want to live in?
  2. How do we make it happen?

Let’s face it, the world is in a bit of a mess. No matter what your political leanings are, you will see the need for change. Between a global pandemic, climate change, political shifts, impending recession, policy changes, increased caring responsibilities, own health issues, and the changes afoot in how we work and what all of that will mean for your life and for those you care about. You might be exhausted.

And you might feel a bit overwhelmed with what a role is you can play, and where to start.

The good news is, there are 7+billion of us, which is a pretty respectable team size. There are going to be roles to play for everyone. A good place to start is right where you are, in and with your life and how you contribute.

We might not know what the big picture, the big vision looks like, let alone how to get there. But we might be able to distinguish better from worse. What helps and what hinders. That is a good place to start, and one of the key premises of a systemic, solution focused approach to change.

You probably also have some key principles, core values you care about. Both for your life and how you want to act. Things like justice, craftsmanship, excellence, love, family, contribution, learning, trust. These can be good reminders for what needs to go into a meaningful big picture for you, and this also provides useful guidelines for your decision making.

Decisions are how things get real, it is how a big vision starts to become real, this is the practical thing you initiate on a Tuesday at 10:15 that is going to form one building block, one little shift. This is also how we live ourselves out loud, people around us normally have a pretty good reading of what is “in character” for us and what isn’t.

On that note, gut feeling is a source of data, and there are lots of ways to incorporate that more into a conscious practice. Whatever the decision, you are going to have to live with the outcome, so how you feel about it upfront is valid input. And yes, this applies both to personal and professional decisions. Don’t over-segment. This is still you. 

This is fairly big-picture of course, and I’m creating a lot of content on this right now, stay tuned.

To make this more concrete for you:

Let me know what else might be helpful for you.

(updated in September to include the COVID-19 pandemic which was not quite as foreseeable in its pervasiveness in February when I wrote this)

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