You might be wondering what sorts of topics show up in a coaching setting, what to bring, what to work on. And if coaching is the right thing. Here are some of the things that have recently come up (in specific sessions, or over a longer process):

  • What do I want to do as a next step (post-corporate career), starting to “scan” for other things
  • How to make a dream a next step
  • Preparing for a redundancy conversation (from a coaching side, I do not give legal advice)
  • Being more visible for senior leaders (and with things that make sense for the future)
  • Channeling frustration into something more constructive
  • Appreciating yourself more and celebrate milestones
  • Showing up as more helpful during times of crisis
  • Being more patient and caring with a new team
  • Work out some base-case scenarios for an anticipated change in role, finances etc
  • Managing stress reactions (e.g. doing everything yourself in times of crisis rather than involving the team)
  • Authentic showing up in times of difficulties

Just some examples. You see these are a mix of very much of-the-current-situation as well as looking into some of the bigger questions that start arising.

Ping me to have a chat if you’re currently mulling over something and would like to get some support, or if you want to schedule a free decision clinic. Also, check out my books to get started.

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