We go deep and we make it practical, out loud. That is also how I work with new or growing businesses. This can take a range of forms, coaching, consulting, partnerships or running masterclasses. Let’s discuss.

Here are some examples how that support came together:

—Work on values and purpose of the founder to determine how they wanted to build their business. Define how they translate into core working principles, who to work with and how, how to think about partnerships, organizational structure, staffing and future careers in the growing organization.

—Work with a tech startup on values and purpose to bring the human side of the story to life better to prepare for the next round of VC meetings, coaching of the founder over a period of time and collaboration on the pitch documents.

—Work with a growing business through workshops with the starting team workshops to develop a joint vision and how the team wants to collaborate and set themselves up for future growth. Top up workshops as team keeps growing and industry setups evolve.

—Work with various founders to better align their aspirations and the contribution they want to make with a setup as a viable business.

—Work with an aspiring social entrepreneur on sharpening their idea

—Working with a slightly tired co-founder to determine role going forward and “sweet spot” on the startup journey and in a founding team

—Work with a founder on setting up their core team, team dynamics within the that core team and their role as a leader.

—Integrating starting a new venture with a life that is already full with a day job, family and other commitments.

Here is some feedback from some of my lovely clients:

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