Not gonna lie, this isn’t always pretty. Crises bring out all sorts of aspects in ourselves. We discover new strength and skills we didn’t know we had, and that is glorious. Celebrate those.

We also get an up-close-and-personal immersive tour of our worst coping mechanisms and favourite excuses. WHO EVEN IS THIS?! I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY…AGAIN?! Well, hello there. Isn’t this interesting? You are meeting a side of yourself you didn’t know existed or you didn’t really want at your table. Your secret housemate. Part of your inner squad that makes things happen (or does something that could look a whole lot like the opposite…).

Be curious. Who is this? What’s going on? What does that side of me need? What does this side bring to the table? What information does this hold about my situation? What does this tell me about where I am, and what is happening (or not happening…) with my plans?

This might be very new and unfamiliar. It might not be pretty. It’s pretty darn real though. The more you can befriend all of your parts (and not just the pretty, strategic looking ones that are so well put together), the better. And then, later, you can look into making a better team out of them…

Ping me to get coaching support to navigate this.
Or start with reading the book “the DIY Phoenix” – there is a section about building your inner support squad.

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