This is my get-to-know offer. Bring a decision or question you are mulling over.

What you’ll get:
–Additional points to consider to deepen your decision making
–Discover some aspects about your decision or yourself you might not have thought about
–An idea if we want to continue working together
–An open mind and heart and open ears – someone to talk to

To book your session:

Contact me with your question or topic, and the time zone you are in and what times of day and what days tend to work best for you. I’ll then respond with first thoughts if this is suitable, and then some calendar suggestions. And then we connect 🙂

T&Cs: This is a limited offer in time and quantity, maximum one per person, subject to session availability and to suitability of your question for that kind of work. 20 min will not solve everything, but it’s a good start. You have to be the person that has the question or decision, this is not suitable as a surprise gift for someone else (you can raise this idea with them but they’d have to contact me themselves).