A lot of you have been asking me for a more affordable, structured support program particularly in times like these. Here it is 🙂


This is particularly useful if you’re dissatisfied with the status quo, if you are yearning how to make a more substantial contribution but it isn’t clear yet where and how to start. This is where this program comes in. We go deep and then we make that practical.

We will explore values, pain points in key areas of your life and how this might inform the path forward, the bigger picture/vision, how to go about making shifts in messy situations and how you can build support to craft experiments, to define meaningful milestones and how to keep anchoring as this journey evolves.

Designed to get the most out of our valuable time together live (live virtually), with guided work in-between to keep it real for self-funding explorers. The program is cohort-based, which gives you a lovely community and also keeps the price more affordable that 1:1 work.

I believe this work matters, and I want it to be accessible as much as possible. I’m transparent about how I work so you will be able to continue a lot of the work for yourself as you keep making changes in your life.

The nuts and bolts:
–5 live virtual group coaching sessions
–Guided work in-between
–Fixed price
–Payment plan available

As always with my work, we go deep and then we make it practical.

Get in touch here to get more information and to book an exploratory (free) conversation.