I work fairly holistically and I trained in a range of different approaches that I like to draw from. Clients feed back they like the fluid, creative style. And if you want the footnotes or would like to read up on the approaches I draw from, happy to share. My coach profile is here. Certificates etc available upon request if you are into that sort of thing. 

Why this? Why now?

Coaching is not a secret science nor should it be, so I am very happy to share more.

This page will be built up over time, so it’s worth checking back in.

On coaching in general:

An article I wrote for the Journalof Beautiful Business on solution-focused work is here

A coaching session involving values and constellation work:


The Book of Beautiful Business features a step-by-step walkthough of an archetypical session.

If you want to dive deeper into this kind of work, Here is further reading from the article.

How to unblock either-or thinking

Structured kickstart program here to give you a better sense how/where to start making that change.