Bespoke consulting work for entrepreneurs and their new and growing businesses

I support you and your business through change, whether you are starting up something new or thinking about it, or growing or changing something existing. As always, values are front and center, as is going deep and making it practical thereafter.

And yes, that can be fully virtually as well. I do that a lot. It works 🙂

I love entrepreneurs.

People with passion that take action to make something happen rather than remaining sitting on the couch complaining. So many entrepreneurs want to make a difference beyond their own bank account, to offer something that solves a problem, that makes the world better, that brings about change. I support that wholeheartedly.

You don’t have to have it all figured out, it doesn’t have to be clear yet what that difference wants to be – we can look into that together and keep refining as we go along. But there has to be an inkling that there is more to life, that things could get deeper, broader or be more substantial. And the willingness to do something about it through your contributions.

Whether that is in sustainability, social justice, equality or other fields as laid out for example in the UN sustainable development goals. Whether that is local, in the same family, street or community, or within a sector or an industry, or interdisciplinary, cross borders and boundaries in more ways that one.

How this could look like:

A lot of my clients go on to starting their own businesses or find ways to contribute deeper in other ways (while keeping their day job). My work is pragmatic and grounded in reality, I am aware people have financial and other responsibilities and not everyone can afford a big moonshot at the moment. And that is OK.

Things can come in steps, we start where you are and work solution-focused, with what is possible right now. Implementation will start immediately and we develop strategies to plan and implement and grow beyond the here and now. Life is rarely the big-bet-working-out success story that social media will have you believe. Things often grow and develop in twists and turns. There are experiments that may or may not work but build experience and networks.

Richer lives

People have many dimensions to their lives, and plenty of skills that can be reused, or new things that become more interesting over time. Not everything needs to result in paid employment or a new career, though some of that may build over time. Portfolio ways of working are becoming more widespread thankfully, so there are plenty of ways to start making changes and to contribute more.

Substantial impact through business

Making an impact and making a good living are not separate, it is beautiful and inspiring when that links up and it is well possible. I believe this will be one of the ways we can change the world, people already do, and it is a beauty to witness and to support. And if you are already out there doing your thing, revisiting your values and ways of working as a growing team is a fabulous boost of energy as you all realign.

I am transparent in the approaches I use for my coaching and consulting work – if you are into footnotes, you can get as much as you like. I also believe in helping people help themselves, so if you are interested I debrief what I do and help you to be able to keep doing the work with yourself and your teams.


Individual business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs. Growing teams. All willing to make a positive difference, to do things in a different way.

The work is bespoke, ping me and I’m happy to share a bit more details or to make connections to former clients.

Particularly proud to support WYSE’s Global Changemaker Program as a coach.

Here are some recent examples

(workshop photographs by Adam Dale “The Space Shooter”):

Some feedback from past participants:

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