A beginning, a muddle and an end (resolution)

That's how I heard the classical story structure described in a writing class. This is not just true for stories, this is also true for life in its twists and turns of creation and recreation and change. It is also true of the creative process itself. Colum McCann recommends "arse in the chair" as the … Continue reading A beginning, a muddle and an end (resolution)

Today’s value: Enchantment

Do you believe in magic? At least a tiny little bit? If magic is a movie, enchantment is the everyday, snapshot version. Allowing yourself to be touched and transported a little. Opening the shutters of the mind and allowing something beautiful in to truly touch you and take you away on a bit of a … Continue reading Today’s value: Enchantment

Today’s value: Art

Art opens a window into human expression at its most intense, both raw/refined, and at its most non-linear (good contrast to enrich my usual business environment). Sharing your art with the world is one of the most radical ways of showing up authentically. And experiencing this is the best encouragement to reciprocate and to invite others … Continue reading Today’s value: Art