Today’s value: Tradition

Tradition. A key bedrock of culture. A whole form of ritualized communication. The traditional dress that tells people which village you are from and if you are already married. The way we do things around here, confirming a sense of loyalty and affiliation: “I am one of these who does this like this”. What we … Continue reading Today’s value: Tradition

Today’s value: Simplicity

So many of you are brutally stressing themselves out - especially this season. The way we think things should be. The way we’ve always done it. While I am a big fan of traditions, they can sometimes also be constraining, causing more stress (especially for the people who have to do the upkeep – often … Continue reading Today’s value: Simplicity

Today’s value: Wealth

Nothing wrong with listing wealth as a value. This is an interesting one, I am always excited when that comes up in a coaching conversation. Wealth is very rarely a thing in and of itself. It usually represents something deeper, and what that is is very individual (again, makes for really good substantial conversations about … Continue reading Today’s value: Wealth