On perfection (stop that)

When making changes, we often make the mistake of comparing our old established, well-rehearsed old life with something new we haven't even built yet. It is completely unfair to expect that level of perfection. Unfair to the new thing, and unfair to ourselves as well. This is not how new things materialize. We get scared … Continue reading On perfection (stop that)

On nourishing “hatchlings”

Easter time and spring in general for me is a time of renewal, of saying goodbye to the old, and making time and space for the new to unfold, to hatch, to dry off and spread out its wings before taking flight.  Long weekends are a great time to take a step back and think: … Continue reading On nourishing “hatchlings”

Goal getting: Prevent slippage on the way

You set your goal. You do things (sort of) to make it happen. How "on track" are you with this? If things were actually slipping, how long would it take you to realize? To me, that is one of the main things why the change we kinda sorta want never fully gets off the ground. … Continue reading Goal getting: Prevent slippage on the way

Goal getting: Pick your surroundings

Your goal is connected to your life, of course. But it is in many ways an evolution from where your life is right now. This might still feel a million miles away. By choosing surroundings that support you you can help yourself stay the course and stay motivated. A few pointers:` Physical environment: Where do you … Continue reading Goal getting: Pick your surroundings

Goal getting: Helpful Conversations

Having conversations is how we rope in other people into our cause, into the changes we want to make. No big thing worth doing gets done alone, so, at some point, you are going to need other people. They can be our biggest source of energy and support, or it can be quite the opposite. … Continue reading Goal getting: Helpful Conversations