Goal getting: Saying NO

In order for change to take place and for you to have time and resources to take action, you are also going to have to say NO. A lot of NO. In total, a lot more NO than YES. You need to carve out some space for you, for all the new things you want … Continue reading Goal getting: Saying NO

How stuff gets real. On implementation

You have the goals and now you would like to see them come to life, because that was the whole point. Point 1: Put it in your calendar. Take yourself and your plans seriously. Set a regular time for when these steps need to happen and treat them like any other key appointment with somebody … Continue reading How stuff gets real. On implementation

Getting back on track

Ever set a goal and not reached it? What happened? It somehow never fully got off the ground? All those beautiful plans, working out 2-3 times a week, for example? You might have a client workshop somewhere else, and not be home for your Thursday evening class. You might have prioritizes sleep because you got … Continue reading Getting back on track