What are your values and why should you care?

Your values are one of the things that make you YOU, it’s the stuff you live by, whether you are conscious of it or not. They help you figure out what right and wrong or better or worse look and feel like. They are also among the drivers of happiness (when fulfilled and respected) and … Continue reading What are your values and why should you care?

On nourishing “hatchlings”

Easter time and spring in general for me is a time of renewal, of saying goodbye to the old, and making time and space for the new to unfold, to hatch, to dry off and spread out its wings before taking flight.  Long weekends are a great time to take a step back and think: … Continue reading On nourishing “hatchlings”

Fast-tracking progress: The gift of feedback

I attended a facilitator training recently. As a participant. And no, this wasn't my first. You are never done. And I'm not just saying this because I do development stuff for a living. Different places have very different styles of doing things. Different professional fields still exist next to each other without a lot of crossover … Continue reading Fast-tracking progress: The gift of feedback

Goal getting: Helpful Conversations

Having conversations is how we rope in other people into our cause, into the changes we want to make. No big thing worth doing gets done alone, so, at some point, you are going to need other people. They can be our biggest source of energy and support, or it can be quite the opposite. … Continue reading Goal getting: Helpful Conversations

YES you may. What are you waiting for?

Should I, should I not... sometimes we balance on the edge of the fence, and we sway back and forth, and then we don't make a move. And nothing happens. What are you waiting for? Do you need permission? Who do you need permission from? We sometimes want the assurance of somebody to tell us … Continue reading YES you may. What are you waiting for?