Meet the values: Trust

Success is when "it" worked out. Trust is when you hope it will but also know it just might not. This is about being as well as about doing. And about allowing somebody else to handle and hold a part of ourselves that we truly care about -  in the hope they will not mess … Continue reading Meet the values: Trust


If values are what makes you YOU, decisions are how they come to life in practice. You are striving to reach a goal (several, probably). Is there a connection between your values and the goal you are working towards? It is infinitely powerful when that clicks. You want that to click. That’s where the magic comes in, … Continue reading Decisions

Goal getting: Helpful Conversations

Having conversations is how we rope in other people into our cause, into the changes we want to make. No big thing worth doing gets done alone, so, at some point, you are going to need other people. They can be our biggest source of energy and support, or it can be quite the opposite. … Continue reading Goal getting: Helpful Conversations