Today’s value: Care

Again, this is not a loud, heroic-sounding value. And yet so crucial for us humans living together. The small gesture. The tenderness felt (and often not even expressed, at least not explicitly). The nice thing done when nobody is watching. Just because it is the right, the nice thing to do.

When something or somebody is important to us, we want things to be well for them, we wonder how they are, and we want to make things better. And we feel their pain, and we want the pain to go away. We care for the light in their eyes as it if was our own, and we want to preserve it, or to help bring it back.

Acts of love, of selflessness. This by the way should also include care for ourselves, that is where it all starts.

What or who do you care about the most? What do you do for self-care? Is it easier for you to care, or to allow being cared for? How can you step out of your comfort zone a little and do more of what you don’t normally do?

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