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I started writing this book in 2017. I care as deeply about the subject as I did then (probably even more so).

However, I have grown, and the world has moved on, so this book needs some structural surgery before we continue. Stay tuned… 

—Detailed concept currently under review—

Grounded in research and coaching practice, this fills the gap in many leaders’ decision making: 

  • Beat the “values hangover” – that sinking feeling when you have to live with a decision that sounded so good but now feels awful.
  • Go beyond decisions that look good on paper to decisions that feel good for the longer-term.
  • Follow a structured process to tap into the “nonmetrical” aspects of decision making like your values, your intuition and your integrity and longer-term vision.
  • Learn from leaders from different parts of society and business sectors as they share their stories and examples about how they are making sense of this in their own lives and workplaces.
  • The total offering includes toolkit, worksheets as well as online comprehensive multimedia offering and peer group support.