I deliver masterclasses and short and snappy impulses (e.g. lunch&learn) and conference sessions and speeches. In English and German. Building on a first career as a journalist, I also enjoy writing columns, articles and interviews in English and German.

Topics range from leadership, inclusion/diversity, being nonbinary, values, decisions and change, entrepreneurship and social change.

Get in touch if you want that face, that voice and what I might say about stuff.

TEDx : What we lose through binary thinking and what to do instead

Picture: TEDx Doncaster

Ping me if you’re curious, would like to discuss ideas or would like a reference.



I used to work for the radio and I LOVE being on air. Here are some examples

Conferences, talks, virtual appearances and webinars:

I speak at conferences, moderate sessions and panelsm run inhouse sessions/lunch and learns, etc. Live face to face, and virtually. In English and German. Some examples here.


I used to work as a journalist and also enjoy being on the other side. Here are some examples.