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I support people who aren’t just in it for themselves, but who really want to make things better for everyone and the planet. I work with individuals and growing businesses on bringing about positive change. We go deep (e.g. by tapping into your values), and then we make it practical, where you start making real changes. Not just for yourself and your business, but also for the greater good, for the future, the planet, for society. Why this? Why now?–read here. Book a free decision clinic here.

I offer support in two ways: As a structured program for individuals to help you get clarity and develop your support structure for action. We start where you are and take it from there to make real change that will feel more and more like you. A lot of people find this helpful to have some predictability in terms of commitment until the dust settles a bit; so there is a program for that.

There is also a more flexible, bespoke way of working, either to make good moves really quickly (e.g. with impending redundancy or big decisions), or a more flexible support of a longer-term process like a bigger career or life change. This often comes stages, and that is perfectly alright. And if it feels messy right now? Don’t worry. Where you are is the right place to start.


Many of you then go on to start their own businesses, or are already working in their own business or organization that you are looking to grow in line with your vision and values and the difference you want to make. Here is where I support you and your growing business on topics like organizational structure, culture etc. to put things in place that serve and support you and your teams in practice. All with the core values and the desired contribution in mind.

Here is what my clients say.

The collaboration can take different forms:

If you are confused about my name: I am Lior now, but you might have met me as Christine. 

Get in touch on info@christinelocher.me 

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