I work with individuals and organizations on bringing about positive change by helping you tap into your values and then start making real changes based on this. Not just for yourself and your business, but also for the greater good, for the future, the planet, for society.

Why this? Why now?–read here. Basically, a way to go deep that is workable. Starting where things and people are at, and then get moving in the right direction. Here is what my clients say.

The collaboration can take different forms (from fully virtually to blended to live):

Coming soon:

My chapter in “Global Challenges in CSR and Sustainable Development“. (will, of course, feature values :-)) —more info on the book here

Just out:

BEING online. Shared meaning-making and some pointers for leadership

My book:
Interview on Learning Now TV about it

Values are front and center to what I do and form the backbone of all my offerings. They are key to happiness and satisfaction and provide a very useful compass to add the “nonmetrical” dimension to making better decisions (get your free workbook here). Whether that is supporting a career change, helping somebody to get more satisfaction out of life, or helping an entrepreneur shape a business according to the vision.

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